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Paramotor ADS.eu Conditions

How does it work?

1 - All Ads are "Free" and have a shelf-life of 150 days. You can post all listings as you want without limit amount of any country or location in the world.

1.1 - When an Ad is posted automatically published also on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Paramotor-Ads-615927585267426 where they see him and share thousands of pilots from all over the world.
1.2 - All Ads will appear on our Ads Map.
1.3 - Before the expiration of your Ad (7 days) the system send you 1 Email to see if you want to renew it free of charge for the User. If the Ad is not renewed it will be unpublished and archived in your account.

2 -The only thing we ask is the User registration (User Name + Email + Password) [You don't need to verify your account, register and you can publish Ads]) to be able to publish and access your data as the user, that are:

2.1 - Post Ads.
2.2 - My Ads (complete management of your Ads: Edit, Archive and Delete).
2.3 - Favorites Ads.
2.4 - My Profile (edit the User profile).

The User always has to real Ads and Ad has the form of reports — abuses which can always be complaints from other users.

We recommend the User: If the Ad product has been sold, you must be connected to your User account and archive or delete the Ad and so will not have more contacts from other pilots.

3 - Paramotor ADS.eu offers the following methods of featured Ads and positioning at the top under the User's payment:

3.1 - Promotion - ''First'' - The advertisement will be published first on the list of ads x 150 days.) : 3 €
3.2 - Promotion - ''Bold'' - The advertisement will be published in bold on the list of ads x 150 days.) : 1 €
3.3 - Promotion ''Border'' - The advertisement will be published with border on the list of ads x 150 days.) : 1 €
3.4 - Promotion ''Background'' - The advertisement will be published with distinguished background on the list of ads x 150 days.) : 1 €
3.5 - Promotion ''Special'' - The advertisement will be published in the module with special ads  x 150 days.) : 1 €

As Ads promoting Total costs= €7 or the User can choose the Promotion than the desired. The system it forwarded to the method of payment by Paypal or Skrill (credit cards).

We will send to the User its corresponding invoice with costs of publication and payment of this prominent Announcement.

4 - Advertising and Banner in our web page. Paramotor Ads.eu offers the following methods of third-party ads:

4.1 - Banner in lateral position in measuring 200 x 200 pixels for a cost of €50 per year. Contact to make Banner: Go to Contact.

5 - Paramotor ADS.eu reserves the right of cancellation of any kind of Announcement as well as restrict all rights of the User and delete this web site without prior notice.

6 - If you have questions when publishing your Ad, User registration or have a problem with our website: Paramotor ADS.eu only has the method of contact by Email in: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from our contact page: http://paramotorads.eu/en/contact

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